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About Us

About Us

Our History

Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union was formed in October 1992. We are a community based and owned credit union initially set up in the local school hall with approximately 50 members. Member number 1 Jimmy Blair is still with us and volunteers on a weekly basis. Jimmy is also currently a member of the Board of Directors.

Our current location at 316 Duke Street Glasgow was officially opened by local dignitary Miss Dorothy Paul on Thursday 2nd of September 1999. We also provide an outreach service located in the Millinbank Housing Offices located at 53 Ballindalloch Drive Dennistoun each Wednesday from 09.00 am – 11.30am.

Since our humble beginnings we now have over 2200 adult members and 650 juvenile members from the local community. 2017 will see us enter our 25th year of existence and this milestone is testament to the member’s staff and volunteers who have been instrumental in the continued success of the Credit Union. The majority of the funds required to operate your credit union comes from our core business. As all credit unions are not for profit organisations any surplus profits after running costs may be used to pay a dividend to all of its members.

Membership was originally open to any person over the age of 16 who lived or worked within our common bond area. The common bond area is the factor which unites all members of any particular Credit Union and defines the boundaries in which it is allowed to operate. The common bond area of Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union comprised of Haghill, Dennistoun, Gallowgate and surrounding areas. Until 2001 our common bond area lay almost exclusively within the G31 postcode sector.

In 2016 our common bond area was extended to cover all parts of the greater Glasgow area. The reason for this was to include member’s families who had moved around the city to still be part of Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union. We will continue to provide a friendly professional service to the population of Glasgow under 1 common bond banner.

Many of our members have experienced circumstances of low income and or deprivation. Some have few if any other means of accessing a savings account or borrowing facility. A key principle of the credit union is to ensure the provision of a basic range of financial services for all of its members. The services provided are designed by and in response to member’s needs and requirements in an ongoing basis.

We also provide facilities for a GMAP money advice representative each Thursday from 10.00am until 12.00pm from our Duke Street offices. This service although not connected to the credit union provides members of the local community with a valuable support mechanism. There is no requirement to be a member of the credit union to use this service.

Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union is managed by a dedicated team consisting of both volunteers and staff whose aim is to continue to provide a quality friendly professional service to all our members within the local community. The Board of Directors is made up of service users of the Credit Union and as such are elected through an open democratic and transparent process at our

AGM. Currently there are approximately 10 volunteers and 4 staff members who operate the Credit Union on a daily basis.