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Loan Products

Loan Products

At Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union we have loan products to suit all your needs. Applications can be made at any time and we will always look to help our members in the best way that we can. Each application is considered in its own merits and every effort will be made to accommodate the member’s needs and requirements. All of Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union loan decisions are based on the member’s ability to repay the amount borrowed.

Guarantor Loan

Our guarantor loan is an introductory offer open to all new members.

The concept is simple; borrow up to £500.00 with no requirement to have savings in the Credit Union prior to borrowing. As long as you have a current member of the Credit Union willing to act as guarantor for your loan you may be able to pick up your loan at time of joining subject to terms and conditions.

This has already proved to be a popular product for new members who have either family or friends within the credit union.

Emergency Loan

We all have those times in our lives that something goes wrong. The car breaks down or the washing machine packs in. In these times Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union is there to offer a helping hand.

Subject to terms and conditions we can offer an emergency loan of up to £300.00. As with all applications we aim to provide a speedy efficient and professional service to all our members.

Car Loan

Would you like to update your car to a newer model? We can help fulfil this dream at Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union. Typically a car loan is of a higher value therefore terms and conditions apply to meet the borrowing criteria.

Loan Protection / See insurance

When you borrow from Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union your loan is protected by CUNA Mutual insurance at no cost to you. The Credit Union pays for this member benefit FREE OF CHARGE to all borrowers.

Loan Protection provides peace of mind to members and their families in the event of your death. Your loan would be cleared subject to terms and conditions.

Benefits of Borrowing from Haghill & Dennistoun Credit Union

  • Simple application process with fast and efficient lending decisions
  • Very competitive interest rates
  • Free loan protection insurance
  • Payments and terms to suit you
  • Open and transparent loan forms with all information explained at time of issue
  • Loan can be transferred straight into a bank account of your choice
  • Loans can be paid either by standing order or directly in person at the front desk
  • Ability to pay through online banking currently under construction

Online application process available to members